I am Human.

Rules of this new undefined life:

  1. Thou shall not cry.
  2. Thou shall live free of interpersonal dependence.
  3. Thou shall believe in nothing but black and white.
  4. Thou shall eat a banana a day.
  5. Thou shall not speak of thyself as much.
  6. Thou shall try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  7. Thou shan’t fear anything.
  8. Thou shan’t procrastinate.
  9. Thy neighbors are thy enemies for they make noise at midnight.
  10. Thou shall not enjoy the worldly nor spiritual pleasures of life. Thy existence is only a joke – a sarcastic joke filled with misunderstandings and errors.
  11. Masochism is not thy ultimate solution. Bondage can also work.
  12. Thy life ends just before midnight. Too bad you missed it.

In this parting, I shall dare not react too much due to selfish tendencies. But I tell you, it was great. It was everything. And if this were not a journey, then I would have stayed. This is the part where I regret and hate myself for doing so. This is the part where I feel like I am Human. This is the part where the only living part of me dies.
And though it may sound so obviously emo or downright exaggerated, you’ll know this feeling when you get here. I’m not aggravating it nor am I giving you even half of what I have tonight. ‘Tis less than a peek. So don’t you dare tell me how I should feel tonight. Just for tonight.

Tonight, she learns and yearns for what left her behind. It is in his silence that she fears she cannot change things. And in this dead silence, her fears breathe life.


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