Why did positivity let me down?

After five days of having my sadistic and cynical set of rules implemented, I broke the first and most important rule of all. I am blaming my inability to control my tear glands whenever talk of heaven and hell are in play. Yes, world, I watched What Dreams May Come followed by Click. It felt odd and unfair. It felt dry, opposed to the supposed wetness due to those salty drops of emotional upheaval. I’m not blaming you, world, but what have you done that’s making me feel so flat and untainted? If only I can scream.

But cut the crap about that two letter word that rhymes with be, and starts with m and ends with e.

After a long time of staying there, we have finally left. I’m sad and happy. If there exists such a higher being, please do notice that which I implore you. It’s a very small favor. Snapping your fingers or blinking your eyes may do the trick. I don’t know, but please work your wonders because it is getting pretty dark.

Do you like music?

My cherished 9 minutes of freedom is almost over. I have to get back to the world of attention deficiency and drugs. The prunes are not working. Water is not making me feel better either. Goodnight.


My mind is dying. Oh my god. Caffeine withdrawal is probably equivalent to social suicide if you’re all alone in the morning.

Then it stops.

The end.

I am becoming delirious. ADHD runs in the family. Wee. I guess I have it too. Damnit. It’s a one man band – not a puppet on a one yard string. I know the predicaments of having such a boat but there’s no intention of switching parties. And I still am bitter. It’s like dark chocolate dipped in strawberry jam. I wish you all the best the world has to offer – and someday may it screw you up just as it had ruined my once pretty picture.

In this belligerent and cryptic note, let’s go kaboom.


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