Giving up on me

If this is what you call starting things right, you have got to be kidding the hell out of my system. If this is what you call a movie script ending, then why aren’t we driving down the paths that once made you swear on your life because of some reckless driver? If I failed you, I’m sorry. I tend to do that a lot and I deserve to feel that I really am a walking symbol of shame and failure. But when I fail I try to get back up. And if you let me, I would not do it again.

Again. It’s those stupid conversations going around in circles and ending up where we began shifting tense. Why the heck is this all happening, and why am I not doing anything about it? I feel paralyzed even if I swore to my ass that I wanted to do something.

Somewhere I’ll find my answers, or probably I’ll ask better questions. This fondness of quoting from songs should stop. Honestly, we can’t live in this dumpster. The earth’s pointless existence becomes inevitably annoying, and although I want to give it a nametag, I don’t have a printer that’s big enough. Just let me get what I deserve, and I’ll shut up.


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