In this desperate and pathetic attempt to regain composure, will someone please lend me a burst of sunshine? So let’s just say that things will go back to their natural order, does that include the prerogative of turning back time? I wish it has. I wish it would. News flash, world, cybernation is the new eastwood. NOT. But I’m taking it as the closest opportunity to get there.

Please make it rain. So I can run and prove another scientific fact that running in the rain makes you less dry than walking through it. Hah. Thanks to The Straight Dope for that.

Another news flash, I am getting fat, impatient and bored. Those three do not form a good healthy combination. Yesterday, I had the longest headache this summer. I was washing the dishes and I suddenly had this idea that I might die early because I’m such an unhealthy kid. Maybe my life was written with a tumor ending. I don’t know. Go tell me. I shouldn’t really be thinking of how things are going to end because it might be a self fulfilling prophecy, and hey I don’t want to die with a block in my head or a tube up my butt.

Anyway, it scares me.


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