Sunset Freeway

“Ay wont ye tah be my waif” (I want you to be my wife!) –Watching Practical Magic makes me laugh, and it makes me miss my sister, too. Gah. Hello summer. Where the hell are you, why are you late, and why the heck aren’t you knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door?!

It’s a curse that we, whoever we are,  have a bad taste in cologne. Yes, cologne. Or the ones who wear it. For crying out loud, I’m not leaving today, but I am tomorrow! (Imagine me flashing the biggest, toothiest and gummiest smile I can come up with) If I’m allowed, heh, we’re going to the beach. Wee.  (There Ry, you got your plug. hahaha) I’m finally going to see my friends tomorrow. I hope they can come. =)


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