6th of July

It just hit me like a tsunami that I forgot to bring our sparklers to celebrate today. HAHA. It’s our first of summer during the middle of summer. The day was fantasmic. The milkshake was orgasmic. And the waves almost made me acrobatic. Sorry I just had to make it rhyme.

I can’t imagine life without the beach. So yep, I can’t imagine summer without this day. Haha. There’s a lot more days and beaches to match too! Wee. LOL.  I’m sorry if this entry sucks, but it definitely is one heck of a day. We got that first unquestionable chig, too.

More batteries and more sand, please.

To THAT.  Yes, that. I hate to say this but your time is running up. Please, please, please do something about it because even if I don’t want to, I’m going to let the waves take you too. It’s not much of a big deal if you don’t want me to magnify it up to 500 picometers but hell, you gotta show your worth – and make me see mine too.

If you want to play, bring it on.


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