see you around.

Someone greeted me happy birthday this month. It’s July for crying out loud. Thanks anyway dear friends. You gave me two days to commemorate my mother’s initiation to a crazy life. I just wish I can be as strong as her, and as wise as her.  I keep on stumbling back to where I began, and that’s just completely demeaning. Someone told me we live to learn. Maybe we do. Maybe I’m some zombie ’cause it seems that I never learn. So please, little kids, learn from my stupid mistakes and not go back to your past mistakes. Listen to that voice in your head and to your friends who care for you.

The puppeteer almost lead me to another lower circle of hell, with strings attached too. Thankfully, Satan’s my friend. We had tea and biscuits, and he told me one thing. PLAY.

So, there’s this famous sensationalize-r strutting her stuff on stage. You hear those typical introductory words. You see those typical concert sets up on stage. There are those people. Then she says, “Do you believe in fairytales?” The crowd goes crazy. Almost everybody thinks so. The rest of the crowd who say no are the angry people who pray for the end of the world. What would you say? But she seems to read your mind. “To all those who can’t make up their minds, to hell with it! (Duh. The crowd goes wild again.)  There are two fairytale endings. The one where you live happily ever after and die. The other one, the prince screws you over, and you turn into that tycoon. Everybody kisses your ass. So which one?”

But yes, hello to all those people who go with the flow but the tide is just too high, and you just stumble over and get your knees scraped on the coarse ocean floor.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. the so-called "Dyiele Mi Luana"
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 07:33:50

    let me greet you too… ^ ^

    ui peace na ah! haha.


  2. trish
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 12:16:49

    lol wtf. haha tagal na birthday ko eh. whattabout.


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