Who’s in your bed?

Give me a good reason why. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Nothing matters so much anymore. Our generation has lost the flame of wanting for a higher state of being. We’re too committed in making ourselves different from other people. In that leap for uniqueness, we lose the passion of living the moment. Or did that only happen to me? I have no idea but I spent a whole sleepless night thinking about who I am, or should be, and what in a bum’s life I should be doing. Friends, you know I hate you all, but please, don’t waste your breaths on thinking about work and work and work just to feed your psyches all the tangible traps consumerism has slapped you with. There’s a chockablock more to life than just working, yet there’s also a lot more to simply bumming around.

Time for some fresh air. I’ve been choking on dusty self pride for too long. And yes, it does help if you know who you are so you’ll know whom you’re supposed to be with at the end of the trip.



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