Don’t settle for less.

The annoying headache I’ve been bearing with since I woke up tells me I have to sleep. There’s no point in staying up, really. I just got shunned by something I shouldn’t really be talking about. Did I just call someone something? It seems more like an idea now, not a memory, not reality. Maybe we’re in love with ideas, but we are certainly not grasping the whole point, are we? People are starting to think I’m a very problematic person. No, dears, I just think too much, and in thinking, I create problems I shouldn’t be fussing about. Gee. If only I can be the bitch you once called me, life would be so much easier. But no. According to those horoscope sites, a gemini can have two different personalities. A gemini can be very spontaneous but she is also irrational. I am fickle and irrational right now, and too bad, I can’t be the bitch cause I’m trying to be the wholesome young lady I am.

I shouldn’t be thinking, unless I want to walk naked to school the first day.


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