Laziness. Lethargy. Cynicism. Jadedness?  Words are only words until they mean something. Then I see someone’s profile. It’s filled with pictures of them. Surprisingly, they are still together, after all the things they’ve gone through. Who am I to gossip, anyway? On the other hand, I’m also amazed at myself for not being too selfish. That regular pang of guilt and wanting did not surface. I’m honestly happy to see them together still. And there’s no part in my subconscious wishing I am in some part of another’s togetherness, either.

Some call it freedom, or independence, or female intelligence, or instinct, or maybe even hate or detachment. Sometimes, it’s fun to learn from the beautifully stupid mistakes once committed (several times). Then go back to the beginning to start all over again. Maybe make the same mistakes, but still start from where it all began. Wholesome. That’s the only word I can remember from where it all began. That’s the word we used to describe the jellyfish and the underwater realm of curiosity and wonder. No doubt about it, the word lost its meaning. Nothing evens out rocky roads like time’s wheels.

But yes, hello time machine. The human mind should have invented you earlier.


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