Ultimate you.

Mixed with the subconscious need to do something is the desire to sleep all day, and perhaps stay up all night. Likewise, my sense of urgency and responsibility is fighting with the lethargy resulting from the dry orange air of the season. Maybe mother earth sprayed some drugs in the air that’s why people are all feeling so damn lazy. I bet youthful hearts are immune to it, though. They’re all hyper and gay.

I’ve been putting off one big to-do item for two weeks. It’s not in my psyche anymore to set aside my dragging responsibilities, and believe me, they’ve been haunting my dreams. On a lighter note, how long was it since I last saw the world? This confinement is giving me butterflies. I don’t think I can handle tomorrow’s school stuff; nevertheless, I’m excited to see those white walls. wahaha. I miss school. Yes, yes, I’m a geek and yelling proud of being me.


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