That sudden thumping of my chest startled me. Was it because of a somewhat predictably good ending of a book or my sitting up so fast or a dead memory resurrecting before my eyes? I don’t know but it suddenly stopped when I shut the latter off. It’s like my pulse gasped for another one of those unmistakable vacuum-worthy moments. Then as I talked, I realized a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m definitely not in the mood to leave this solitary bubble – and you’re not my type.
Off the hook, baby. Go fish for other fishies.

If there’s one thing I learned here in America, it is to be ready and always have a backup. Taste and test. And if you like something, dwell on it for a moment. If it makes you gag or you see something that looks more edible, set the first dish aside and try another. Nothing too serious. It’s all play. When plan A is messed up, switch to plan B and so on. Go back to plan A if you feel like it. You can also choose to pick two or more selections at once. They love multi-tasking here. In matters of happiness, they love instant surges of nirvana – those 6 minute illusions that take you way off course from your wholesome destination, and still you yearn from more of what harms you. Before I forget, if you feel something for plan A, don’t just leave it because of how big of a jerk you’ve been. Plan A is always an option.
It’s better to stay at home than waste your life on silly little buggers who don’t value the things they need, but ardently complain about the things they want – ignoring their knowledge that the things they want can be succeeded by the things they need.
If you think it’s that easy to depend, it’s not. Just cause you’ve got your own way of living doesn’t mean you can criticize mine.
Yes. It all boils down to that simple core of society – that smallest unit of community. I have mine, and I’m willing to spend all my time with them, and not waste it on you. After all, you’re the one who taught me how all romanticism in the world can fit in that small head, yet love is absent in that pathetic heart. Disgusting. Thanks, you’re too much to bear. I can’t really feel anything towards anything that has no familiar connection. At all.


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