Painted smile

Another nightmare woke me up this morning. It was about high school. I went late to class and they were already doing some group activity. We were supposed to think of different ways in MAKING money. Not just raising funds or anything, but making hard paper bills – and if we’re not able to come up with 24 or so different ways, we have to stay in school till we do. It was already night time and Ms. Toli made us sit outside the classroom. I had a keyboard with me, and I have no idea why. But two of my classmates told me that they say some orb glowing in my room a while ago. They reckon it’s a ghost. It woke me up. It was pretty surprising because the first thing I got worried about was my GPA, and not ghosts.

Thanks, Yze for reassuring me. HAHA.

Hot Pocket diet care of T.Lyn.  Aerobic motivation care of Loli. And couch potato-ing care of T.Gina. YUM.

Sanfo next weekend, sissies.  For now, I’m going to brutally finish my list of things to do. By the way, that’s one thing I’ve learned this summer – accomplish all the items in my to-do list. YEAUH.


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