Hello Dear Fall

A few hours left for this period called summer. There’s no absolution to what characterizes the short period of time that passed nor this moment of recapitulation and resolve. After a weekend spent not in the ordinary ramblings of this house, that part-nature, part-civilized trip was something. There was the sea and the sky, and the horizon where they both unite. It was beautiful. There were the seals, sea lions, birds of different kinds, and many other creatures. They were beautiful. Then, there floating on the seemingly flat bed of blue were sea weeds and plants. They make beaches dirty but they make the vast pool of life seem rugged – alive, even. On the far edge of the horizon were oil plants or rigs or whatnot people call them. They seem like tiny piercings on Mother Nature’s womb. Opposite the sea were cliffs and mountains. Imagine the fog covering the caps of the range, while the sun slowly rises against it. Again, it was beautiful. The different rock formations, creeks, vast plains and all that green leafy goodness – they were beautiful. But on these hills and plains were electrical posts and buildings fighting for the sky. All that green cascaded into gray and white and neon.

It was fun going back to nature, maybe only seeing it for a while to take a few shots here and there were not enough for me to really say I was into nature, but it felt pretty good. I also felt bad – really really depressingly “I want to change my major and maybe become a hippie” bad, and scared. What will happen to Mother Nature a few years from now? What will happen to everybody? We all cling to nature for our lives. After all, it IS where we came from and it IS our life. But it’s all dying, going. Maybe in little ways we little people can help prolong her life, our life. Maybe those little donations are promising enough to yield results and make a difference in preserving and curing her from total deterioration.

Forget the great monuments, relics and pieces dating back to the old days. Forget those collectibles that must have cost millions – of lives and of money. Here’s the oldest piece of greatness staring right at us, and yes, it is beautiful.


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