Hello, World.

  • You deserve a hug.
  • Be a man. Say what you mean; mean what you say. Don’t tell me to do something while you’re acting with opposing totality.
  • HappyBirthday.
  • You’re so mean.
  • Seeing a lot of others pass though that was a painful sight. You nearing the finish line is another.
  • I hope you’re happy.
  • It doesn’t matter now.
  • You scare me. HAHA.
  • I hope you’re happy, too.
  • A Fine Frenzy == <3.
  • Oh my god. YOU just made my day. NOTHING can ruin this drizzly day. weeeeeee.
  • Library is the new grill? hahaha not.


It’s official. Two of my main courses loathe me.  Oh well. No pain, no gain, so bring it on. No sleep tonight, either. I hate getting old. I can’t resist sleeping. I miss the good old one-week-no-sleep times. Please let it rain some more. Expounding doesn’t necessarily lift the case here.

I shall suspend myself from any form of entertainment and communication with the world until I finish all my responsibilities. Da da da.

tight fitting pompoms

Just because you’re in a higher plain doesn’t mean you have the right to look down at the platform you once were residing. I hate to break it to you, but your ego won’t give you wings. It’s the baggage that acts like a sponge. Your pride continues to grow and continues to break your ties with your past. Come on, dude. You can’t move forward without knowing how to go back. Unless you don’t want to go back, go on, do your thing. You say you’re good at it. No one’s holding you back. Do your handsprings and splits and routines. By the end of your four to five year venture, are you still going to do the same thing?

Too bad if you’re nodding your head in agreement with that last question. YOU CAN’T STAY IN COLLEGE NOR IN HIGHSCHOOL FOREVER. You’ll miss it, yea, but you can’t plan your whole life in simply doing something and forgetting  your life beyond that point.

Funny. If I didn’t know you better, I would probably think you’re metrosexual.

oh no.

Tsk. Tsk.

An unproductive day yields only chicharon and scrambled eggs. No brainer.


i hate i hate i hate you. period. i am never ever going to think twice about you again. i DON’T like you.

we are an end in ourselves. daw.  i hope Rand’s right, cause i might literally end myself. haha. eek.

i need a boba or ice cream or homework or something.

Sweeten Up.

Physics is physics. Calculus is STILL old calculus. Math hates me so.

Search lights and alarm clocks.

x: “are you over it?”
y: “i should be.”

do you know what happens when you cross myspace and a dizzy little lady who wants to sleep? A NIGHTMARE. no, it’s not supposed to be a joke. i woke up at 6 in the morning cursing my subconscious to stop fooling me with a dream that’s insultingly far from reality. it didn’t have that “end of the world” or “i’m going to die” theme, but it had that underlying message of what i want but could never get in this known dimension. all that effort to suppress my frustrations seemed useless when i witnessed that horrifying dream. instead of completely waking up and starting my day with homework, i slept some more. the dream got worse. duh.

I remember waiting
For you to come
Remember waiting
For you to call
Remember waiting there to find nothing at all
– the saddest song, ataris.

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