Search lights and alarm clocks.

x: “are you over it?”
y: “i should be.”

do you know what happens when you cross myspace and a dizzy little lady who wants to sleep? A NIGHTMARE. no, it’s not supposed to be a joke. i woke up at 6 in the morning cursing my subconscious to stop fooling me with a dream that’s insultingly far from reality. it didn’t have that “end of the world” or “i’m going to die” theme, but it had that underlying message of what i want but could never get in this known dimension. all that effort to suppress my frustrations seemed useless when i witnessed that horrifying dream. instead of completely waking up and starting my day with homework, i slept some more. the dream got worse. duh.

I remember waiting
For you to come
Remember waiting
For you to call
Remember waiting there to find nothing at all
– the saddest song, ataris.


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