For the rest of the world: October – November is the new February, and May, June, July and August are still rainy months. Please tell me December’s gonna be my February.


Dear World,

  • Did you know why I wasn’t myself today? I miss someone cause I was very stupid before. Not that I’m saying that I’m not stupid anymore. EH?!
  • THANKS A LOT. YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD FRIEND. I OWE YOU A QUARTER OF MY LIFE, or I can just do your projects for you. Haha.
  • Memories of you make me smile, but you’re pissing me off right now…yes, big time.
  • Inday Badiday, I love you so much. HAHAHA.
  • Thanks for everything. Yes, that was a stupid move. I dont know why it took me such a long time to learn.
  • One last. I hope I’m waiting for something that’s WORTH the wait, not the drama.

Easier to Fail.

Friendster and Multiply are such nice creatures. They’re beacons of all missed events. Nonetheless, there’s life staring at us in the face with its tongue sticking out. I don’t know how people manage to pass that class. Frustration sinks in, and life is still there with its little digestive muscle sticking out, mocking all the hope out of me. Fine. I give in. Alright. Back to failure, dear life. We might miss something – which is often the case.

toys. kekeke.

“cute naman tayo di ba? pero bat wala pa rin?” – nic. based from lexi’s kwento.

haha. omg. i miss you guys. ..onga bat wala pa rin? i think it’s cause waiting has better prizes than collecting. haha -_- sabaw. pero oo nga. BAT WALA PA RIN??? =(

It is. very. VERY. c0mPL!c@t3d.

oh my goodness. it’s 130 in the morning, and something caught my eye that read “COMPLICATED.” it’s true. I complicate things, but don’t you wish to go back to that goddamn sweet complicatedness of a life? HA HA. Geez. I don’t miss it though. I just miss┬á <fill in the void>. It’s all gone… FOREVER. And I’m right here, lagging my project, and thinking about what could/should/might have been, looking at the four corners of this room, and thinking about thanking you for that one hell of a misunderstood time.

I hope you’re happy, and I wish it to myself and the polar bears, too. Wee.

Is this some brain malfunction caused by lack of sleep because if it is, I’m gonna be so sad in the morning.

is it over?

me: people end up hurting each other in one way or another.
friend: do not be sad. people love each other in one way or another. it follows the law of nature: balance.

thanks a lot. ­čÖé


6:20 pm. There’s this guy who blogged about life.┬á And I was thinking about the same thing, only in a more selfish manner. Why can’t I ever get what I want, in terms of relationships and other stuff that concerns society. Then I found the answer.

Gah. I miss my family. =(

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