No politics on the dinner table.

Let the good chakra flow and the bad chakra die. I won’t even bother to think twice about it.

Goddamn why are we all too lazy, timid and immature. I bet Pacquiao got swayed by sweet scent of vice. Good luck on your fight later. I hope you win ’cause Tita Taan might pass out if you don’t. Seeing the boxing champ surrounded by freaking midriff-naked ladies makes me wonder if those kids watching the scene dream of becoming spineless dancers someday.

Oh media. Please tell me you’re not all about sensationalizing sex, labeling, and notoriety. Although mirrors won’t do you any good, you’ll probably need to reassess the message you’re delivering to those little kids.

AND!!! Let’s pause for a moment to ask the whole gay community a simple pardon for one repulsive gaylord. Even Uncle Sam doesn’t like you. Shame shame.


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