It is. very. VERY. c0mPL!c@t3d.

oh my goodness. it’s 130 in the morning, and something caught my eye that read “COMPLICATED.” it’s true. I complicate things, but don’t you wish to go back to that goddamn sweet complicatedness of a life? HA HA. Geez. I don’t miss it though. I just miss  <fill in the void>. It’s all gone… FOREVER. And I’m right here, lagging my project, and thinking about what could/should/might have been, looking at the four corners of this room, and thinking about thanking you for that one hell of a misunderstood time.

I hope you’re happy, and I wish it to myself and the polar bears, too. Wee.

Is this some brain malfunction caused by lack of sleep because if it is, I’m gonna be so sad in the morning.


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