Love, peace, happiness, and all those euphoric words we relate to an ideal life may seem plausibly tangible. It may or may not, depending on how we strive for them. There are people who think, excessively at times, about how they want to reach a certain goal and attain such dreams in live. When will they ever start working, though? Meanwhile, there are people who work, without thinking what they want in life. They just do what they feel, or what they are told, and they go somewhere, eventually. A few lucky and gifted people, on the other hand, know what they want, do not work as hard as everyone else, and yet they get what they want.

Certain degrees of luck, or should we say, life, allows each and every one of us unique chances of arriving at our destination. For those who know, and work hard enough, they alone see what they have gone through, and recognize the value of hard, painstaking labor. If we want something, we move.

We do not just think. We move. We move. We move.

Now what the hell am I still doing here.


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