For being too narcissistic and unkempt, your ways mirror mine, and I throw up looking at myself now. But, whatever. You get what you want, I get what I want. We’re all happy. Not. Malakas and Maganda, I wish you guys didn’t wander off your bamboo chutes. You’re the reason why we have this utang na loob and kahihiyan. You made me give up half of what I kept for almost a year, in one single click. I hate this feeling. I don’t even want it. You drive my insides mad with delight when I do something nice to people without even thinking about it. But then, thinking is what allows us to live, right? Malakas and Maganda, if only your children did not have big egos and small …noses, they might have been better off.

Polar bears, you will survive this winter. Wolfgang Lazlo, my mini dracula, I promise to give you three to four drops of blood every day. Fluffy Senior, I still love you even if Fluffy Junior is now born. Fluffy Junior, don’t stare at me like that.

Hello Winter, and all the dry skin that you may bring.


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