Pre-New Year’s Resolutions

Boredom made me do this. Even my fish won’t talk to me. Hello 2008. I hope you’re not planning to kill me ’cause I’ve got a couple of plans for you. Hell, let’s just get it over with.

  1. Give a damn.
  2. Be part of taxpaying America.
  3. Sow a money tree and hope it hates Washington and loves the rest of the green fathers.
  4. Breed dear Laszlo and Blaze.
  5. Not kill the rest of my gilled friends.
  6. Invent a time capsule.
  7. Save, save, save.
  8. Hello, lover. HAHAHA.
  9. Mmm. Stop stalking you.
  10. Be sleeping beauty.
  11. Get insurance.
  12. Drive.
  13. Go to heaven.

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