Magandang madaling araw, bayan.

Namimiss ko lang bigla ang magsalita ng wikang kinalakhan. Katuwa eh.  Kung kelan madaling araw, saka ako nagigising. Kanina nung gumagawa ako ng lab report sa pisika, nagsisisi ako. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, antanga mo, Trisha. Dapat hindi ka na nanood ng dibidi (dvd) kahapon pati nung isang araw. Andami mo napanood pero wala ka naman nagawa.  Tapos sinapak ko sarili ko. Hindi ba naman mukang tanga yun? Pero hindi yun punto ko.

Bakit ba hindi ko matanggal yung pagpapalipas ng oras na walang nangyayari sa buhay ko tapos sinasagad kong madaliin lahat sa dulo, hangga’t wala nang matirang oras para matulog? Nakakainis pero masaya eh. Kung iisipin ko, masaya manood ng telebisyon. Masaya rin tumitig sa kawalaan buong maghapon. Masaya rin matulog hanggang tanghali. Kainis. Di pwede ang ganyang mga bisyo sa mga ganitong responsibilidad. Simpleng tyaga hindi magawa.

Paano ba kasi magawang disiplinahin ang sarili? Eh kahit anong parusa ilagay ko sa sarili ko, natatanggal ko rin e. Para nga hindi ako kumain ng marami, gumamit ako ng tinidor pangkain ng yogurt. Parusa na yun, ah. Parusa na rin ang mag-ayos ng kama. Buhay tamad. Buhay na walang patutunguhan. Linte!

Dapat ngayon tulog na ko para bukas magawa ko naman yung dalawang pahina ng kalokohan na iimbentuhin ko para sa English, pero hinde, gising pa ko. Nagrereklamo sa mundong hindi naman makikinig. Okay tama na. Kilangan na matulog. Di pa pala ko naliligo. Bukas ng umaga nalang. Haha. Juskopo.


Full Moon

There’s no way to erase shadows except to shed some new light on them.

It’s only the losing race between time and life that makes people strive harder. What makes it all worthwhile? Those cheesy breath-taking moments that pass by so quick. They’re flashes of extremities that are either too trivial or too overwhelming for us to comprehend, but we’re humans. Every moment we think of becomes a big deal. Thinking too much makes a big deal out of almost anything imaginable. It depends on the society to judge and criticize every uttered word and action made. Why is everything such a big deal? If it’s for personal achievement, then whose merit is going to be accounted for? Is it for pride or self-fulfillment that we all live the way we should?

But there’s no way to erase shadows except to shed some new light on them.

Anger Management Part 600.

IT makes my blood boil and evaporate until I can no longer think for my homework.

STRESS rhymes with…nothing I can think of right now….oh. MADNESS.

HATE rhymes with WEIGHT.

ANGER rhymes with WINTER.


MAPLE SYRUP rhymes with COUGH SYRUP. That doesn’t make any sense, but it calms me down.

*I hope you’re happy, wherever you are. 🙂

The Cure to a Broken Heart: Believe Him

Her: Didn’t you notice how beautiful couples get ugly babies most of the time? I mean, if you have this good-looking guy, and this very very good-looking girl, and they have babies, their kids are usually ugly.

Him: Haha. Yea.  That’s why they say you should have one ugly and one beautiful person in a relationship. You can have a beautiful guy then an ugly girl, or the other way around. You know.

Her: Haha. That means I shouldn’t look for good looking guys. I just need an ugly dude and we can make cute babies! Yay!

Him: Yes yes. That’s why you have [name1].

Her: Oh jee. Hahaha. Perfect match!

Him: Or you can have [name2]! *smirks*

Her: Yuck! Not THAT ugly.
It would have been funny if you know the inside joke, and if I dropped some names. If this is the case, hell yea. We’ve no trouble finding Mr. Right.

This Week in Chunks.

We learned how a gaussian sphere can block anything. If that’s feasible, I’m planning to create a gravity-free bubble and only those who know the password can come in. That statement has errors in it. Fallacies. Some other rhetorical terms. I don’t know them because I can’t think without numbers. Not anymore. This life is too asian to waste on not learning any quantitative science. Heh.  Is it also too stereotypical to bring food and eat in the hallway? It saves time and money, and a stink bomb too.

B: Woman are you trying to kill yourself?

T:  Not really. I can survive this shit except for the early mornings.

B: Impressive. I wish I had your brain.

T: I wish I had your schedule.

A glider replacement for a car would be very helpful. Think of having a skateboard without wheels. You’ll just have to surf your way through traffic and all that smog without having to waste gas. It’s environmentally friendly and it will save my soul too. 4 hours of sleep every single day is a fast pass to hell. If this is how it feels to be damned for eternity, then it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. But my back still hurts. So does my wrist. No more joint popping. I feel like my whole body is falling apart.

B: Do they ever wake you up?

T: Not these days. They’re all asleep by 12.

B: Oh wow. I forgot you’re a vampire.

I hope so. That way, I won’t have to worry about sleeping too much at night. And people in the study room won’t have to look at us for being so non-asian. Damn. Just because they all know how to speak such a language does not mean creating a big platform that lets them look down on us. I’m not that dumb nor blind not to notice how they all look and talk crap about the pack.

This collegiate life is nothing but a phase.


M: So what’s your surname?

A: It’s Koftikian.

M: Oooh. Itskoftikian!


S: You can use a cheat sheet. Put anything on it. Example problems, formulas, prayers.

E: I think I’m the one with the worst accent here. Do you understand most of what I say?

T: What?

M2: Please answer if you still care.

T::: I don’t.

B: You ASIAN!!!

T: Dude, you’re also asian!

B: I’m not!

A: Vavoosh!

M: Kiss kiss!

T: * * (sound)

Issues. Issues. Issues.

FYI. If you think I’m slacking off or doing something else other than what I am supposed to do, I am not. This time is too precious to waste by daydreaming. Learning takes time, effort and some caffeine. It’s not as simple as you think. I’m not simply memorizing things because this is a different field. If you just try to understand my side, maybe you’ll also come to the conclusion that this subject isn’t a joke. Stripping it off its cold nature, you’ll see that it’s as alive as all the cells and organs that you know.

P.S. That was the last straw. You say you do not expect, but you do. You insulted my rights and my family. It only takes a simple reminder of what you did, and I feel sick.

Thanks. You listened. I’ll shut up now.


Be careful for what you wish for because maybe, just maybe, you wished for too much.

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