M: So what’s your surname?

A: It’s Koftikian.

M: Oooh. Itskoftikian!


S: You can use a cheat sheet. Put anything on it. Example problems, formulas, prayers.

E: I think I’m the one with the worst accent here. Do you understand most of what I say?

T: What?

M2: Please answer if you still care.

T::: I don’t.

B: You ASIAN!!!

T: Dude, you’re also asian!

B: I’m not!

A: Vavoosh!

M: Kiss kiss!

T: * * (sound)

Issues. Issues. Issues.

FYI. If you think I’m slacking off or doing something else other than what I am supposed to do, I am not. This time is too precious to waste by daydreaming. Learning takes time, effort and some caffeine. It’s not as simple as you think. I’m not simply memorizing things because this is a different field. If you just try to understand my side, maybe you’ll also come to the conclusion that this subject isn’t a joke. Stripping it off its cold nature, you’ll see that it’s as alive as all the cells and organs that you know.

P.S. That was the last straw. You say you do not expect, but you do. You insulted my rights and my family. It only takes a simple reminder of what you did, and I feel sick.

Thanks. You listened. I’ll shut up now.


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