The Cure to a Broken Heart: Believe Him

Her: Didn’t you notice how beautiful couples get ugly babies most of the time? I mean, if you have this good-looking guy, and this very very good-looking girl, and they have babies, their kids are usually ugly.

Him: Haha. Yea.  That’s why they say you should have one ugly and one beautiful person in a relationship. You can have a beautiful guy then an ugly girl, or the other way around. You know.

Her: Haha. That means I shouldn’t look for good looking guys. I just need an ugly dude and we can make cute babies! Yay!

Him: Yes yes. That’s why you have [name1].

Her: Oh jee. Hahaha. Perfect match!

Him: Or you can have [name2]! *smirks*

Her: Yuck! Not THAT ugly.
It would have been funny if you know the inside joke, and if I dropped some names. If this is the case, hell yea. We’ve no trouble finding Mr. Right.


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