Finally this week is over. Dear Time got mad because I spent all weekend watching DVDs. Monday came, and I slept through most of it, except for the two hour cramming session that I later found out was not due that day. Tuesday followed but it nevertheless copied Monday’s tricks. I slept. Wednesday planned to surprise me with hysteria.  An estimated three and a half hours of sleep made me mad. Crazy mad.


Milo: Can I get a number 13 please?

Voice on the box: With a coke?

Milo: Sprite.

Then the screen showed a Coke.


Then the screen changed the Coke into a Sprite.


See what lack of sleep does to people???


Do you know any famous person who went to jail and got out?

Britney Spears? Did she go to prison?

(At the back of my mind, I’ve been insisting on Britney since last night)


I slept for more or less than thirty minutes in the library. When I woke up…

Milo! Bakit hindi mo ko ginising????


(I think I shift to my Filipina persona when I sleep, so it takes some time to be “American” when I wake up)


Oh geez. I’m no angel.


Physics was terrible. I experienced Hiroshima and Nagasaki inside my head the minute I saw those four diagrams in front of me.


These are some of those multiply first times to feel like I’m “in college” (pseudo-UP). Running for the parking lot because it’s raining, running for the library because time is gold, and running to the LRC to print an essay due in 5 minutes are three of the breathtaking moments that nearly choked me. But those cup noodles down the staircase made it all worthwhile. It’s not a matter of having those mushy relationships, honestly. These times are hard to forget because they’re so common yet they do not become a stencil that other people can reuse and recycle.

Lomo cameras. Untangle. Apple juice after Monster. All these make a very good memorabilia.



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