Oh no Yellow!

Me: Oh nooooo. Should I stop? Should I stop? No no! I got to go! No I should stop!

Milo: Go!!! You can’t stop in the middle of the road!

Me: I have to stop on a yellow, or they’re going to take my picture!

Milo: Just go!!!

Me: Waaaa. !@>(*! Whew. No flash! Yay.

Milo: …

*That Grand-Temple intersection makes a lot of money everyday. I hate it.

It was such a fun day. Too tired to rant about it though. Tomorrow, I promise to be mentally productive, whatever that means. Thank you, friends, for sharing that scary first drive with me. We should have saved that piece of paper for the uncool. Heh.

  • Hello world. More programming coming up. It’s going to make life move fast again.
  • Dear, if you want to succeed in what you want, you have to sacrifice just a little. You’re flying too high.
  • Please please please. I need  it.

-are you C00L? hahaha


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