The Firefly Who Got Lost – Again.

Once upon a time, there was a firefly. That firefly had no place to stay so the firefly wandered and wandered. Then he found many other creatures like his own. They welcomed him into their habitat. After months and months of getting to know the place, they found another firefly lost just like him. That stout firefly said he wanted to eat what the first lost firefly was eating, to drink what the first lost firefly first drank, and to sleep where the first lost firefly initially rested his butt upon. They said they had other places but this lost firefly insisted. The first lost firefly had to go somewhere else, and in the process, got lost again. Maybe it’s a cycle. The firefly had to look for food to survive. Thankfully many other fireflies knew how he felt, and they helped him. The firefly was thankful that there are many other places besides his past abode, but in his anger, he threw a dirty glance at the wretched firefly sitting on his favorite branch. Then he flew away.

Maybe it just irritates my stomach lining how that second firefly would be born with such guts.


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