Forgive and Forget Me Not.

Hello 9pm.  Today was pretty dramatic considering how I told myself to stop feeling anything towards everything…which is very likely to be dissolved in a few moments. After coding the whole day, I still can’t get the damn thing to work. But I love it. All the crazy classes are making no sense. No idea what to do next.

Youth to no-longer-young-people. Apparently, it’s hard to believe what you tell us if you do and act otherwise. When you need something, don’t hesitate to ask…courteously. We’re not robots. You know how we feel. You SHOULD know how we feel considering that you claim to have experienced more than we have.  If you’re wiser than us, don’t just expect us to try to understand you. You’re supposed to understand us more.

Mariah Carey’s making me exaggerate stuff since she’s drowning all the snores in the background. But anyway,  I want to be Thumbelina. It doesn’t matter if I become waaaay smaller even if I already am. She has her prince who can sing AND fly.

Stubborn like a rock.


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