Let’s play a game. I’m going to flip a coin. If it’s an even number heads, you’re safe. If it’s not, you’re going to do stuff for me. If you are not able to reach my expectations, you’re going to suffer little by little. As you progress, the consequences will become trickier, harder. I’m going to take away your shield, then your helmet, until you are completely naked. You will earn back one article of clothing once you fulfill my orders. Everybody will witness this game, but do not worry. You are the only player, so no matter what you do, you cannot win or lose. It’s a matter of perspective whether you triumphed over yourself or you’re going to walk away with a big L on your forehead.

Once you start this game, you cannot stop it from taking everything away from you. Hush now. You will get a reward every time you pass a level. You’ll become more human as you near nakedness. You’re going to feel how people should feel because they say so. This is how everybody wants you to learn. My dear, all the things you have to do are what you deserve. Bear all the hardship just as great people in the past did. People will say you’re a hero once you have finished the game, yet they will say you are very gullible for flipping the coin and doing all that work for nothing. If, by any chance, you decide to walk out in the middle of the frenzy, you will be called a joke. a coward. worthless. But you will also be praised for not putting up with the malicious authority. Do you want to be a hero or a joke?

Do you want to play?



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