“Ah so hifhop ka na pala ngayon?” “Oo. Parang ang saya ko lagi pag nakikinig ako non eh” “AKO RIN! HAHAHA”

So did you guys hear about how mainstreamers are helping  Emo people down in some country in South America? Emos are being condemned to hello on earth because they’re known to be so depressed and suicidal. Why not help them out?

I got that from a friend, and while I was comprehending each syllable, the only thing I could think about was that I’m so glad I’m not too down these days. In fact, I’ve been trying to make the most of my time at home. It’s one of the very dragging Thursdays where I’ve got nothing to do but stare at that Five Or More game in Ubuntu. I should have gone to school to study (or walk around and talk about random things) but laziness got the better half of the day. At least I did the laundry and cleaned my jungle of a closet. It has been a while since this page got some vitamin blog. I feel like I’m making you drool on the keyboard from falling asleep due to the utter boredom. I need practice. Hehe.

So, the project I worked so hard on for two weeks got a borderline B+/A. I don’t think my effort is even reaching the standards I used to have way before procrastination, laziness and mediocrity were in my vocabulary.  Speaking of school, I posted all the formal graduation pictures in my multiply. I hope Sixtreme likes them. Heh. We all had espasol slash pang kabaong faces. Hopefully the school would not make the same mistake in choosing that photo company. Haha.

Ahh. High school. The time of my life when I learned that the world is not flat – it’s not even round. The past is still my general justification to my current actions and attitudes. Maybe the future can help, but that’s very unpredictable compared to what had already passed. I just hope this gets better – like getting a call back or making pastillas de leche in the middle of the night.


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