Hiphop Abs, anyone? Wahaha. It feels like this is one big joke that the world is slapping on me. I tried it yesterday, and it felt good. Oversleeping didn’t help, though. My butt and whole back hurt. Anyway..

Someone told me to say yes to every guy who asks me out. I told him I’m no whore. Basically, it’s the girl’s choice whether she wants to go out or not. It’s not just a way to secure her future from growing old into a spinster, but it’s also a way to protect herself. Now I agree with what my highschool teachers taught us — your power is the power to say no. Dear, if you just understand that hookups are no way to create good relationships because they only want you for one thing, then you’ll probably have a better chance in getting the good ones who won’t leave you a minute after you give them heaven..or hell. Be no man-ho, please.


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