Blonde Moment

Being too lazy to carry a few ounces more, I deliberately left a soda can in my car last Friday. Once I got back to the car, I noticed that the can was bigger. It popped and made the front sweet and sticky. It was a waste, but I held myself back from licking the car. Instead, I promised Eddie, the car, that I’ll clean the mess the following day. And so I did. While I was vacuuming, I noticed that the hood latch was gone. So to save me the trouble of trying to figure how to open the hood, I took it to the mechanic. When I got there, here’s what happened:

Him: Okay, here’s the brake. And this is the one for the hood. See?

He went outside to make me look at the partially opened hood, then he came back. Okay, so what else do you need? That open port is for computers. You don’t need that.

Me: Oh okay.Thanks. Ha ha… Bye.

*rushes to the exit.*


from yani.

> 1st time you tried smoking:
4th grade. behind a tree at some empty lot.

> 1st alcoholic drink you had:
Vodka. HI MAMA.

> 1st time you entered a bar:
Can’t remember. My mom took us.

> 1st award you received:
Meanest brat. Nursery.

> 1st hero:
My cousin 🙂

> 1st time you were sent to the principal disciplinary actions:
Principal. Hmm. 1st grade. It wasn’t really about misbehaving. My mom was so angry about that fat 79 on my report card. SUBJECT: ART.

> 1st goal you accomplished:
Take the moss green colored pencil from my fat classmate’s hands. I stabbed him with my pencil so I can get his.
> 1st crush:
Paolo Contis? Some dude who doesn’t look as cute as he was before in that TJ Hotdog commercial. I loved kissing him…

> 1st person who gave you flowers:
Judge? Can’t remember. -_-

> 1st friend:
Nursery: Bea Jalbuena and Crystal whoever. Prep: Cam Domingo and the other people.

> 1st real kiss:
Yohoho. Who am I to kiss and tell? 😉

> First album record you bought:
Can’t remember. Never! haha. I don’t buy music.

> 1st song you sang in front of many people:
Lupang Hinirang.

> 1st musical instrument you learned to play:
Recorder and Piano. Can’t remember which came first.

> 1st local & foreign concert you watched:
Retrospect? That wasn’t really a concert though. Southborder, probably.

> 1st celebrity you saw in person:
Don’t give a damn.

> 1st TV show you really like:
Juan at Julia?

> 1st book you bought:

> 1st sleepover:
Can’t remember. Either with at my cousin’s house or at my sister’s friend’s house.

> 1st terrible fight:
Someone wrote me a 3-5 page letter. I didn’t read it. They got angry. Really angry. I cried to my mom. She told me to ignore them some more. haha.

> 1st inaanak (first godchild):

> 1st debut attended:

> 1st bestfriend:
Nica Pe ata.

> 1st wedding you attended:
Can’t remember whose wedding it was. I was the flower girl and I threw a fit. 😀

> 1st person who greeted you on your last bday:
No idea. Myself probably.

> 1st friend in friendster:

> 1st cellphone:
Nokia 5510?

> 1st cellphone ringtone:
teet-teeet teeet-teeet

> 1st collection:
Bindi, stamps, and curly hair. just kidding.

> 1st tym u saw a ghost?
4th grade.

> 1st rollercoaster ride:
Some park inside Galle.

> 1st ambition:
To be a doctor!! mami mami gusto ko yumaman!

> 1st thing u bought w/ ur 1st salary?
gas. $56. boo.

> 1st solution to ur current problem?
What problem?:)


If you want to go to Heaven, please don’t shove people’s butts to go with you. Your self-righteous actions have long compelled me to compromise my faith with the anger you’ve caused. I am not blaming you for my own actions, but I’m deeming you responsible for your own. It’s hard to believe that you say very moral things yet you do otherwise. I hope you go to Heaven.