from yani.

> 1st time you tried smoking:
4th grade. behind a tree at some empty lot.

> 1st alcoholic drink you had:
Vodka. HI MAMA.

> 1st time you entered a bar:
Can’t remember. My mom took us.

> 1st award you received:
Meanest brat. Nursery.

> 1st hero:
My cousin 🙂

> 1st time you were sent to the principal disciplinary actions:
Principal. Hmm. 1st grade. It wasn’t really about misbehaving. My mom was so angry about that fat 79 on my report card. SUBJECT: ART.

> 1st goal you accomplished:
Take the moss green colored pencil from my fat classmate’s hands. I stabbed him with my pencil so I can get his.
> 1st crush:
Paolo Contis? Some dude who doesn’t look as cute as he was before in that TJ Hotdog commercial. I loved kissing him…

> 1st person who gave you flowers:
Judge? Can’t remember. -_-

> 1st friend:
Nursery: Bea Jalbuena and Crystal whoever. Prep: Cam Domingo and the other people.

> 1st real kiss:
Yohoho. Who am I to kiss and tell? 😉

> First album record you bought:
Can’t remember. Never! haha. I don’t buy music.

> 1st song you sang in front of many people:
Lupang Hinirang.

> 1st musical instrument you learned to play:
Recorder and Piano. Can’t remember which came first.

> 1st local & foreign concert you watched:
Retrospect? That wasn’t really a concert though. Southborder, probably.

> 1st celebrity you saw in person:
Don’t give a damn.

> 1st TV show you really like:
Juan at Julia?

> 1st book you bought:

> 1st sleepover:
Can’t remember. Either with at my cousin’s house or at my sister’s friend’s house.

> 1st terrible fight:
Someone wrote me a 3-5 page letter. I didn’t read it. They got angry. Really angry. I cried to my mom. She told me to ignore them some more. haha.

> 1st inaanak (first godchild):

> 1st debut attended:

> 1st bestfriend:
Nica Pe ata.

> 1st wedding you attended:
Can’t remember whose wedding it was. I was the flower girl and I threw a fit. 😀

> 1st person who greeted you on your last bday:
No idea. Myself probably.

> 1st friend in friendster:

> 1st cellphone:
Nokia 5510?

> 1st cellphone ringtone:
teet-teeet teeet-teeet

> 1st collection:
Bindi, stamps, and curly hair. just kidding.

> 1st tym u saw a ghost?
4th grade.

> 1st rollercoaster ride:
Some park inside Galle.

> 1st ambition:
To be a doctor!! mami mami gusto ko yumaman!

> 1st thing u bought w/ ur 1st salary?
gas. $56. boo.

> 1st solution to ur current problem?
What problem?:)


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