Blonde Moment

Being too lazy to carry a few ounces more, I deliberately left a soda can in my car last Friday. Once I got back to the car, I noticed that the can was bigger. It popped and made the front sweet and sticky. It was a waste, but I held myself back from licking the car. Instead, I promised Eddie, the car, that I’ll clean the mess the following day. And so I did. While I was vacuuming, I noticed that the hood latch was gone. So to save me the trouble of trying to figure how to open the hood, I took it to the mechanic. When I got there, here’s what happened:

Him: Okay, here’s the brake. And this is the one for the hood. See?

He went outside to make me look at the partially opened hood, then he came back. Okay, so what else do you need? That open port is for computers. You don’t need that.

Me: Oh okay.Thanks. Ha ha… Bye.

*rushes to the exit.*


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