No more.

Certain provisions are made for certain things. Altering the norm would result in awkward contradictions nevertheless these are permanently etched in time. It’s pretty hard to believe far Right ancestral beliefs could still be passed on for generations. It may be a dying breed but it still has its control over many surprising people. The hippies did not spit on Uncle Sam’s face. They let go of every single grudge they had inside, and embraced a new lifestyle. Every bit of restraint cast upon them by their beloved Liberty led them to throw their hands up and walk away. If that is morally acceptable in this time, then many would have done it a long time ago. The difference between then and now is the huge economical gap between the unlimited ceiling and the rock solid bottom. Those at the bottom cannot easily convert from their once efficient, now wasteful technology, to the all-green Let-Us-Save-Mother-Earth paraphernalia. Meanwhile, the big cheese can easily reach for the sky and grab all the sun it could get. It is unfair. Is there anything we can do about it?

I am writing, after a few million years, for I cannot think of any other way to make this point. A hundred-dollar wage cannot sustain a person if it takes a hundred on gas alone. Promises of cuts and better solutions are plain drawings. Nothing is happening, except for more aggravation. If I could get a smart car, I would but it is a fast-pass to a one-hit KO. But who knows? Isn’t that going to be a fad in the next few rounds?

…How about wearing jeans in the pool?


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