Kiyo and Momo

Let’s see how far this could go.

Two little ants are strolling on a huge lawn. The bigger one called Momo was famous for aqcuiring a huge ant kingdom. Not even humans dare to destroy the enormous pimple on the ground because they know that Momo would take revenge on them someday.

The smaller one was named Kiyo. Kiyo was born with a very hyper stomach. It digests quicker than the normal ant’s stomach.  Momo knew that Kiyo would have a hard time relating to other ants because of this. Momo knew that Kiyo needed someone to take care of him so he survives. Kiyo needed food more than any ant. He had to bring food with him anywhere he goes because he would die if his stomach became empty for more than three minutes. Momo became a good friend and parent to Kiyo. When Kiyo was still small, Momo promised him the whole kingdom knowing that this would inspire Kiyo to work harder for the whole colony. The only condition was that Kiyo should follow what Momo wants.

Most of the time, Momo simply asked Kiyo to run a couple of errands and to go to the boring Queen Ant’s state of the colony speeches everyday. Nevertheless, Kiyo grew up to be a good leader of the ants. One day, he led them all to gather the largest stash of food that the whole colony has ever witnessed. The colony was becoming prosperous, and Momo knew he did a good job in taking good care of Kiyo.

On the day that Momo and Kiyo were walking down the lawn, Kiyo asked Momo if he could lead the entire colony, just as Momo had promised when he was a baby. Momo asked him in return, “How is the economy of the kingdom?”. and Kiyo said, “It is very prosperous and we have food stored to last us five generations!” Momo thought about it. He knew that if he himself led the colony, it would be easy for him. He could use the spare food for himself as well. Momo’s promise to Kiyo is now six feet below the ground. “No, I will keep the colony, and you lead your assigned troop of ants if need be,” said Momo. Kiyo stopped walking for he was completely shocked. He did not expect Momo to break his promise.

Momo ran back after him and explained, “That is mine to begin with. I only let you use it when you needed it. Kiyo, you have been eating too much and I’m afraid you will become a threat to the colony. I cannot let you eat all of the food, and I take the blame. I am responsible for it, and now I forbid you to eat more than the normal share of food. It is mine, Kiyo, not yours.”

“This is unfair. I worked hard for it. He knows I need extra food to live, but he would not give it to me. What am I supposed to do now? Hunt for my own while I am dying?” Kiyo thought. He did not know what to do yet he followed Momo down to the colony.


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