Let’s try not to be emo, shall we? But yea, it’s hard to give respect if you can’t gain it.

Physics kicked my ass.



While cleaning the throne of nature, I was saying to myself, “what if you talk to her and tell her what she has to accept? it would not change much if she refuses to change her mind but at least you tried.”

so, IF she ever sees this, I do hope she listens.



The adagio sinks in as monotonous rambles fade off to the backdrop. Beethoven sure had a lot of time during his day. It’s pure noise now; all the music is left in some corner a couple of hundred miles from today. We the people of today sure do follow the laws of Entropy no matter where we go. An example would be the Roof. It is that Roof that keeps us warm, and it is the exact same one that keeps us all tossing and turning after dark. No matter how we try to purge it from dust bunnies, they still find themselves welcome under the Roof. Self righteous prophets proclaim they can save us. Maybe they can. When they shut up.

Who knows when the Shrub’s mistakes would be undone? Someone please get some pruners and cut the drama. That which holds us all by our necks will eventually have to loosen his grip. What will happen a few steps from here? A hundred? A thousand?

God bless America, and may polar bears live longer.

Baby, let’s save some for the rainy days.