While cleaning the throne of nature, I was saying to myself, “what if you talk to her and tell her what she has to accept? it would not change much if she refuses to change her mind but at least you tried.”

so, IF she ever sees this, I do hope she listens.

First, before you force all your preconceived notions to come to life, I’d like to congratulate you for being successful in raising all your children. Everyone knows you worked hard and you still are, and you’re applauded for that. You want all of them to be happy but you don’t want them to abandon you after all those years of working hard for them. The thing is, you can’t have two things at the same time without the least of sacrifices. However, you choose the latter rather than letting them become happy with the life you’ve given them. You choose your security over their happiness.

There are some things that they want, but you nag them and gnaw at their every wish. Why? Is it cause you think they’d go astray and follow a dark, dangerous path? They listen to you, even if you think they don’t. Your voice is probably in their heads twenty-five hours, eight days a week. But they’re all too old to be controlled, you see. You want them to grow up, but you’re still treating them as teenagers — but they are not Peter Pan. They grow up and want their own opinions to be heard, plans to be fulfilled. If you want them to be responsible enough for their decisions – politically, morally, emotionally.. and everything that affects them… then you should at least treat them like adults.

You gave them the foundation, now let them build the rest. Trying to control every single move in your game will backfire, eventually. It probably has. They are all too tired now. Too tired to listen to what you’d have to say, and give you the pampering you deserve. Then there’s one of them that became like you, and worse. That whom I speak about even treats you worse. How can you accept it?

I’m now the second generation to experience what they experienced. I doubt I would last longer without releasing all of these in one cry. All I’m asking is that you let them go. And hopefully include me too. I don’t want to be a part of the control group. Your experiment has gone too far. Just as the laws of nature suggest, you force them into something, and they will reply with an equal force. I doubt you’d be able to tolerate if they gave you more.


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