Nonsensical issues.

There’s too much oversight of the small things and that delays us.
But that’s okay. Time isn’t too precious cause we’ve discovered all 11 dimensions, no?


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  1. jeong
    May 06, 2009 @ 02:01:07

    o yea my dream consisted of sps ppl playing starcraft in a bathroom. fortunately you were not in there but outside chatting with me. however every now and then i went inside to see how the game was going. somewhere along i woke up. one of the weirdest dream i ever had.


  2. Jeong
    May 08, 2009 @ 12:01:13

    It was a small bathroom. They were playing on the sink, toilet seat cover, even on the edge of the bathtub. I think I had to pee when I woke up hence bathroom dreAm. LOL I love your stories. They remind me of my own stories when I was a little kid.


  3. jeong
    May 09, 2009 @ 03:14:58

    I forgot most of it. Every now and then i get reminded or something reminds back in the past (usually embarrassing moments) So back in first grade, our teacher made shadow portrait of us. She made us sit in a chair next to a wall and shined? shone? a light from overhead projector. Then she would outline our heads on black construction paper and we would cut it out and pasted it on a white construction paper. I was a bit sad and self conscious because when i looked around nobody’s head was big as mine. =[ i told my self ill grow into it. i dont think i did tho. haha


    • trish
      May 09, 2009 @ 21:56:42

      Aww. that’s sad. you don’t have a big head! Maybe you were too close to the light and everyone else was sitting farther from it. :p
      That’s a cool art project for first grade though. I wish we did that! haha.
      Yea bad things are easier to remember, I wish the opposite..


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