There’s a certain neighborhood in Tandang Sora, Quezon City where we used to live. I spent half of my grade school days living in that area.
My sister and I were once playing hide and seek, or some other game. We liked to play with the dirty laundry, because my Mom would leave it somewhere and we can easily get them all out and throw them around. At one point, I decided to play with the pillowcases and bed covers. My sister and I would have our own pillowcase and we would wear them on our legs, just like they use sacks on relays. We played a shipwreck game where there was a storm and I had to rescue her because she was stuck on top of the island (of dirty clothes), if that’s what really happened (according to my memory). I went downstairs and hid somewhere knowing she’ll look for me.
My Dad came home and asked where my sister is. I led him upstairs and found that my sister has fallen asleep on top of the island.

We don’t play games anymore. There’s no longer piles of dirty laundry in the middle of the room. It just makes me wonder if I’ll do the same thing of leaving and hiding, and later on finding out there’s much more to that dirty pile of clothes – there’s a little kid dreaming on top of it.


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