Painting my nails black gives me memories of that one day at the Mountie Grill. She took out a bottle and painted her nails, then painted one finger each person.  I know you’re happy.

Someone asked me today what I learned at Cal Poly so far.

  • People are people. No matter what they think, feel, like, crave for, believe in, do and make. They all deserve due respect.
  • Certain classes are a waste of money and that is why the school is running out of money.
  • Californians can wear boots in the summer, if the temperature drops to 65F.
  • Teacher to student: “I told you not to take this class!”
  • There’s more to n-gays and oh-gays. There’s actual circuits to play with, and I learned it from a different school.
  • Belief in oneself is necessary for one’s growth.
  • It’s self-deceivingly easy.

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