Youth vs “wisdom”. YOUTH.

You can’t call it wisdom if you can’t understand CHANGE.

The stars at night aren’t as big and bright
as you make them out to be
-Motion City Soundtrack



Deep voice: Eh, Hi miss. I’m (gives funny name), and you?
Girl: *giggles* I’m ______.
Deep voice: Alright. Call me. *winks*

It’s one of those giggle fits we’d have during each soirée with another exclusive school. Mae would always giggle with her eyes doing 360s in her head.

Every aching would would cauterize and bruise
In memory of what we used to call in love
-Motion City Soundtrack


Freedom. It’s such a big word for something so intangible. It dresses in different colors and styles that are buried deep within each person’s psyche. It is a word that has no limits but it does possess gates that prevent overuse. One thing learned from a cultural or at least familiar rule is that the growth of freedom is directly proportional to income and inversely proportional to time. Maybe hard work is proportional to freedom too, but that doesn’t seem to be the present case.

I thought I worked hard enough. If I clean the house and live like a robot, then maybe at least I’d get to live like most in America do. Longer days and nights, less cultural perversion.

Is this just the aftermath of another one of those memorable verbal lobotomies?

Mr. Brightside

Unforgettable line of the day:
“When I do this, I think of ***.”