Maybe in the joy of others, we’ll find peace.



Curiosity. This may be the one of the reasons for all your actions, and for mine. Yes, every ounce is lethal but I willingly take it to my system. Someone once said, “if it wasn’t said out loud, then it would have been alright. But it was stated, and now it’s eating you alive — slowly but surely.”

It’s fun to see this in a different perspective — lighter with more fluff. There’s no reason not to laugh at it either. Stupidity with a dash of self-humiliation. Isn’t it funny how life is such a comedy?

It’s the life being fed out of you that you willingly take away from hypocritic crowds. It helps but it’s not enough. Anger rests in the bottom of this well. Don’t throw too many coins or it might grant your wish.

1g vit c

Thanks for putting me under your spell. I’m learning to hate it.

Swine flu seems to be the best option right now.


One more till the Berlin falls.

Thanks, friend. You slapped me back to reality. You deserve a gazillion PSPs.