You have deemed yourself unworthy of anything. By this, you are unworthy of anything that is classified as a living thing and anything that tastes like a rice cracker. Now for the next test. I know you may have not yet passed the first one, but be prepared.

Test 2: Cleanliness. You are to be rid of all mutable entities. If and when you fail, you will become nothing but the rest of them. Now, if you know what to do, then why aren’t you doing it? Clean up your mess, your act. Get those bloody hands washed and your filthy hair rinsed. Once you are finished, you shall clean your surroundings. It should be rid of all things that may hinder you from becoming alive. Then clean yourself again. Your hands have been dirtied by the soil on which you stand.

Haste, my dear. Time is chasing you.



Patience, my friend.

If it was that easy right?
Test 1. Do not think. Do not even think of penguins.

If you pass, that warm feeling will go away.
And waves of many colors will flow through you. It is unimaginable, indescribable. You may feel as if you have defied the laws of our current time’s physics and have traveled through space and time and back again. Nevertheless, you may not proceed onto the second test until you have flushed your head of all synaptic connections.

Now you wonder how something so simple can take hold of every piece of you.
Patience, my friend.


What we want is not always desirable nor within our reach. Does this stop us?

You know your destructive comments only hurt yourself. We are not the one with steroidal side-effects. Please don’t take this literally cause it’s not. And no I am not talking about YOU, you.

You slave for tangible elements yet you do not live. No wonder you can easily close your fists and open your mouth. Let’s not wonder what goes in there. We don’t want to know.

You, on the other hand, make me smile. After all the pinches and punches. Thank you for being there.

Maybe a little more cleaning will make it better.



…of all the possibilities.

The scope is unimaginable…with such monstrosity and wonder.