Infect me with your love

Reformation 10101. After eating at the Brazilian buffet, it felt as if a massacre took place in my mouth — all that meat. Lesson learned… there are lessons to be learned from PETA adds.

Graduation 10101. It felt as if there were swarms of bees in my tummy — this is good — better than the normal diarrhea feeling. There is now a period to the long awaited, extra extended ellipses in the not so long sentence of computer science undergraduate education. Good day. Thanks Ma and Tita Bebe. Thanks Paul. Thanks Nicki. ha. Thank YOU, finally. Loli, would you have been proud of me? I hope this made you happy.

p.s. i hope those smiles were not all plastered just because the day called for it.

Continuation 10101. What next? More work, more competition. We’ve been on this boat for a while now so there’s really not much to be surprised about.uhh but … WHAT NEXT!?!?! =)

Good times.


Back to Zero

Ahh the introductory stage of calamity psychology. One would feel instantaneous pulses of emotion – as if being shot by adrenalin straight to the cardiac muscle. One may say that this feeling is similar to that of pulling the trigger aimed for a kill – while others would say it is reminiscent of touching the goal 0.01 seconds before the others. The human body has been gifted – or shall we say – enabled with a spectrum of emotions. With so many chemical imbalances and combinations, it would be easy to assume that attaining one specific emotion is easy, doable. If so, then why do we all search for it?

Yes. It’s that feeling of true ….. (I can’t say it because I’m still in the process of attaining it).

Why is it so easy to say yet so hard to prove? I hope there’s a user’s manual for everything thrown at us in life: lemons, strawberries, apple pie… but then it would be half the fun and zero the life.

Hello penguins.


It would be nice to say thank you to each person but that would make it inevitable to forget someone or something. So to all that has happened, is happening and will eventually come, THANK YOU. To everybody along the way, thank you. To the little things that made life as colorful as it is, thank you. Gracias. Merci. Terima Kasih. Arigato. Maraming salamat po.