I apologize for the very conceited post, but this has to be.

As much as I would want to keep this to myself and as much as my mind is contradicting me, I miss you.


Okay end of story moving on.

“Muevelo.” Oh let me see other versions.. muevete? mueveme? Crap. I want to do something with my life… and so I decided to write. Someone stopped me from mediocrity (yes it’s the word of the day). There is so much more to life than ADV1’s ADV4’s …manager ones two and threes… directors and ceo’s… to break room coffees, hello pandas, sour punch and ginger tea. Life has a lot in store aside from khaki pants, purple checkered polos, red polka dot socks. The big bang sure created so much more than weekly achievements that mostly relate to code fixes, system updates, new requirements, old requirements that were missed, lack of authorizations, poor design, and all that crap. I’m pretty sure that aside from the celestial bodies, time, space, and matter, the big bang also created dreams and aspirations and world changing ideas and wonderful people and that thing called greatness. I’m sure many have made buckets of money over books on greatness but how does that determine the measure of greatness? It should be relative, right? Well how do you measure one’s standards if one’s standards aren’t even set? Someday we’ll know.

I want to change the world. Join me.



While cleaning the throne of nature, I was saying to myself, “what if you talk to her and tell her what she has to accept? it would not change much if she refuses to change her mind but at least you tried.”

so, IF she ever sees this, I do hope she listens.


The Cure to a Broken Heart: Believe Him

Her: Didn’t you notice how beautiful couples get ugly babies most of the time? I mean, if you have this good-looking guy, and this very very good-looking girl, and they have babies, their kids are usually ugly.

Him: Haha. Yea.  That’s why they say you should have one ugly and one beautiful person in a relationship. You can have a beautiful guy then an ugly girl, or the other way around. You know.

Her: Haha. That means I shouldn’t look for good looking guys. I just need an ugly dude and we can make cute babies! Yay!

Him: Yes yes. That’s why you have [name1].

Her: Oh jee. Hahaha. Perfect match!

Him: Or you can have [name2]! *smirks*

Her: Yuck! Not THAT ugly.
It would have been funny if you know the inside joke, and if I dropped some names. If this is the case, hell yea. We’ve no trouble finding Mr. Right.